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My wife and I would like to welcome you to the Official Website of Continual Outpouring International Ministries, Inc. and thank you for visiting. It is our desire that this site will give you access to all of the information you need to keep up with everything that God is doing and going to do at C. O. I. M. We believe that God has called us to "win souls, change lives, and meet needs". We pray that through this site, you will blessed to experience God with us. We also hope that this site will encourage you to come and worship with us! We are looking forward to fellowship with you. Prayerfully, God will allow you to see Continual Outpouring International Ministries as your blessed place.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Apostle Carlos & Prophetess  Lynne  Sims

Carlos and Lynne Professional photo_edit
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