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Continual Outpouring International Fellowship(formally Iron Sharpens Iron Fellowship) is a vision given to Apostle Carlos Sims by God in 2015. It came as an answer to a question by Apostle Sims as a result of frustration in two areas of ministry that came upon him.


The first issue Apostle Sims saw was that there were many ministries that were strong in areas where others were weak and no one would bring these ministries together to teach each other in those areas that they are strong; so, that no ministry is lacking in any area. He saw that there were many churches that didn't have access to the information needed to help their ministry strive and grow. This problem results in churches closing their doors because they can't address the needs of the community they are located in.

The second issue that he saw was that there were many fellowships out there where the leader would ask the churches and ministries under their covering and be accountable to them. But, the leaders has no one to be accountable to them or anyone else. As a result, the communities we serve in the Name of Christ have lost respect for the Church and its leaders due to various incidents that have taken place in the public eye.

So, God instructed Apostle Sims to form Continual Outpouring International Fellowship to address these two issues. So, there is a fellowship where ministries can be apart of where they have the freedom to do ministry as they see fit where all leaders are accountable to each other AND be connected with other ministries that can instruct them in their areas of weakness so that they can become proficient in all things. Our prayer is that God will restore the respect that we have lost in the community as well as strengthen our churches to impact the very communities that we serve.


To find out more information about Continual Outpouring International Fellowship and how to become apart of the fellowship, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Below is also a listing of ministries and churches that are apart of Contnual Outpouring International Fellowship.

P. R. E. S. S. Prophetic Ministries
Tampa, Florida
Ministry Leader: Prophetess Lynne Sims
Ministry Focus: Prophetic Training and accountability through the P. R. E. S. S. Prophetic Company of Prophets
Fairytale Ministries
Tampa, Florida
Ministry Leader: Prophetess Alena Lee
Ministry Focus: Ruth Bootcamp Mentorship Training and Spiritual Warfare
Victorious Vision Life Center
Tampa, Florida
Ministry Leader: Pastor Lorena Jefferson
Ministry Focus: Mental health 

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